Resource Page: Healthcare Roundtable COOs

Hi Everyone:

Thank you for inviting me to your October meeting in Denver. I really enjoyed my time with you. This page contains the slide deck I used and other resources that you may find useful. If  I can help you further, please feel free to email me.

As Carson mentioned, if you would like to start a conversation around any of the topics we discussed, please feel free to use the comment form below.

Kind Regards,

John B.

Here is the slide deck:

And here is an article that tells the patient safety stories I shared and makes a plea for Safety as a CORE value.

1213_HFM_Reprint_Safety’s Impact on the Value Equation

This next article reviews the ROI from a variety of quality programs and tools.


This article describes a simple approach for managing your medical directors to improve quality and safety.

0413_HFM_Reprint_manage your medical directors

Please feel free to share any of these resources with your colleagues.  If they have any questions, please invite them to give e a call or send me an email.

Again, all the best on your quality and safety journey!  JB