6 Steps to Physician Engagement


An excerpt from my article on Physician Engagement:

SOME OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL QUALITY leaders are those who have mastered physician engagement. But working with physicians in a positive and collaborative manner eludes many health care and physician leaders.

I’m not sure why, but whatever the reason, physician engagement is critical to your success as a quality leader. Your ability to partner with your colleagues in a collaborative, collegial, respectful and honest way spells the difference between creating great quality programs or mediocre ones. This is because physicians influence 85 percent of patient outcomes due to the decisions they make and the orders they write.

In the attached article I wrote in the March/April issue of the Physician Leadership Journal, I review some of the most important aspects of physician culture, especially how you can leverage this knowledge to dramatically improve engagement. When physician engagement is ideal, your quality and safety programs will experience even more success.

To access The 6 Steps to Physician Engagement and a pdf of the article, click on this title: GREAT PHYSICIAN ENGAGEMENT IS KEY TO GREAT QUALITY.

Question: What approaches have you used to partner with physicians?