My #1 Secret for Building Effective Quality and Safety Programs

Everyone wants to know the secret to building great quality programs.  I know I did, and I’ve been leading quality and safety programs for more than 20 years.

Over this time, I have tried a lot of things that worked and more that didn’t.  I’ve worked with great teams, and their collective wisdom added to our list of things to try.

But 14 years ago, the answer to all of my implementation problems walked into my office.  She walked in, extended her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Lori.  I’m from finance and I’m here to help.”  That got my attention.  Finance is here to HELP?  But once I got over my initial trepidation, we got to work.

The next day we were brainstorming about how to roll out our new quality reports to over 70 hospitals .

At some point, she immediately stood up.  She stopped and said, “I’ve got it.”  “What do you mean, you got it,” I asked.  She replied, “I know how to solve all of our implementation headaches.”  And did she ever.