Healthcare’s INNER CIRCLE


At no other time in our careers has healthcare felt this tumultuous. Any position in the C-Suite seems to come with sleepless nights, constant challenges, a shifting landscape, hundreds of priorities, and too many questions that don’t seem to have answers. And like you, I’ve always benefited from the advice and counsel of my colleagues.

This is why I’ve created Healthcare’s INNER CIRCLE. The INNER CIRCLE is a group of peers – senior healthcare executives – who meet regularly to discuss pressing issues – advise one another – brainstorm solutions together – and share innovations and best practices.

The INNER CIRCLE is more than just meetings; it is an opportunity to network and develop deep professional relationships with colleagues throughout the country.  You will also have the chance to share information with one another in between meetings. And to ensure group members are comfortable discussing any and all issues, your competitors will not be allowed to join once your registration is received. But, that also means that if one of your competitors joins first, you will be unable to join.

I’ve prepared a brochure that explains everything. Access your copy online or download a pdf here. All INNER CIRCLE groups are limited in size so don’t delay. Registration opens on Monday, November 2 and closes at midnight December 15. I hope you’ll join us!

Best Regards,

John Byrnes MD
President & CEO, HCIC

PS: Have you ever gone to a meeting and been bombarded by consultant’s sales pitches? That won’t happen at INNER CIRCLE meetings. That’s my personal promise to you.

Registration opens Monday, November 2, 2015
Healthcare’s INNER CIRCLE