The Quality Playbook Will Help You Succeed

It’s All About Creating GREAT Outcomes for Our Patients!

The Quality Playbook is about creating great clinical outcomes and safer care for your patients, your family, and your community. It’s about creating healthcare organizations that rank at the top of the nation’s rating lists. It’s about doing what most organizations have been unable to do: deliver top quality at an affordable cost—true healthcare value.

If you are a quality leader, The Quality Playbook and the companion workbook, together, are a rich resource of ideas and practical guidance for designing and building quality programs that get results. They cover what to do and how to do it, and more importantly, give you checklists, tools, and templates to get your job done, or to create or implement an award-winning quality program starting today. It doesn’t matter if you are a CMO, CNO, CQO, COO, or a director of quality, risk management, or safety, or even a member of any of these departments, The Quality Playbook will help you get your work done more effectively and efficiently.

If you’ve read my articles, attended my conferences, or subscribed to my blog, you know that I’ve built quality and safety programs for more than twenty years. My focus in this book is to teach you how to do the same—create a great quality program using strategies from both my own experience and from researching some of our country’s most successful organizations.

I’ll cover topics such as why you need a board quality committee, how to mobilize your C-suite, and how to use existing information systems to create clinical dashboards. I’ll show you how to get the resources you need and an ideal quality department staffing model. And I’ll also show you what to do in each of the next five years to take you into the ranks of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals.

This material is not just me talking, nor is it full of the usual vague quality theories. This Quality Playbook is loaded with practical details from my personal experience, plus dozens of case studies, interviews, lessons learned, and references from real-world experts and people just like you who are using these approaches successfully in their own organizations. The successes and, just as importantly, our lessons learned are what I want to share with you.

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You Can Become an Implementation Guru

Reading The Quality Playbook and completing the workbook exercises will arm you with the knowledge and tools that can make you an “implementation guru.” Your colleagues will be amazed at what you will accomplish in the coming year.

I know you want practical advice. I wrote this book because I was fed up with books that offer only “theory” without the practical application. This book takes a very practical approach to program design and implementation. I’ve assumed that you have learned all the theory you need and that you’re ready for street-smart, rubber-hits-the-road practical advice for getting things done. I’m going to give you the best strategies I’ve found and used in my own daily work and from award-winning organizations. I’ll show you what’s worked, and in many cases, what hasn’t. I’ll give you the tools, templates, checklists, and project plans that you can modify for your own organization.

People tend to make things complicated; I like to keep things simple. I boil down complicated theory into simple, practical advice. As one friend said, “just give me the facts” and “tell me just what I need to do, enough with the theory already.” And for as many years as I can remember, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing—supplying the practical “how-to” for implementing great quality and safety programs. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.

How to Use The Quality Playbook

I’ve divided The Quality Playbook into five parts that will guide you through the construction of a solid, effective quality and safety program.

In the first section, “Winning the Playoffs,” you will discover what’s possible when you put an effective program in place. We’ll review what it takes to become a 100 Top Hospital, how outcomes are now connected to an organization’s financial survival, and how quality can provide a competitive advantage and grow market share.

The second section, “Your Game Plan,” covers what to put in your quality plan, how to focus your efforts, and how to use techniques from your finance colleagues to drive change and accountability. I encourage you to read this section closely. Much of the information you’ll find here is likely unpublished by anyone else.

In part three, “Your Winning Team,” I cover the nitty-gritty of the people side of the equation. Topics include everything from assembling a “kitchen cabinet” to building an effective physician infrastructure. Many of the topics in this section are the “weak links” that I find in programs I visit. Shore these up and your chances for success improve nicely.

Next, in part four, we move into “Your Tools, Tactics, and Plays.” It’s just what the title suggests. It contains the most important tools and strategies to use in your program. I cover a lot of critical subjects here and every chapter is loaded with practical advice.

In part five, we’ll wrap up with “The Front Office and Owners (The Board).” Here we review how to mobilize the board and the C-suite—two groups that can add a lot of momentum to your program. Support and active participation by these groups is a key element of success in almost every high-performing program. I guarantee you’ll find information here that you might not have thought about before.

The Quality Playbook and its workbook are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. I’ve done my best to keep the sections clear, concise, easy to read, and the information adaptable to any organization.

I hope that The Quality Playbook helps you build a GREAT quality program. One that dramatically improves care for your patients!

Here’s to you and providing the best possible care for your patients and their families!

With Kind Regards,

John Byrnes, MD

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